Finding Work in the Hotel Business

In order to get hotel jobs, you must be ready and willing to work. Employment in the hotel industry can be quite rewarding and certainly has its advantages, such as good benefits, great advancement opportunities, and a wide variety of work roles, however, it can also be exhaustive and time consuming. Therefore, it is important to go into any hotel interview with your eyes open as to the work and responsibilities that go along with getting a hotel job.

Great Things to do in Bora Bora all inclusive resorts

Being surrounded with water everywhere, Bora Bora is a beach lover’s dream. There are so many exciting things to do in the island. Upon arrival, guests will surely be in awe of the island’s picture perfect scenery. The beaches and all inclusive resorts in Bora Bora at are amazing and simply beyond compare. The weather is ideal for a host of outdoor activities. Aside from swimming, visitors can also catch the biggest fishes they have ever seen and tour the island’s most hidden places by riding a catamaran or a luxurious cruise ship.

What you need to know when traveling to Mexico

What you need to know when traveling to Mexico from the United States is that you are entering another country with different laws, and a different justice system. In addition, there are cultural differences which should also be respected. Even though Mexico welcomes tourism dollars, and the people are friendly, there are areas that warrant caution.

5 Tips for a Properly Planned US Road Trip

One of the most iconic American adventures is the undertaking of the “Great American Road Trip”. Packing the car with necessities and taking off for a selection of new, strange cities can be both exhilarating and nerve racking. Calm your nerves! There are just a few things that if you keep in mind, will ensure you have the most successful American road trip possible. Or, you can ignore our experienced advice and take off blindly… your choice!

The 10 Best Dive Bars in San Diego

Clubs and fancy lounges are okay for some. But for others, finding a good dive bar to post up and drown out sorrows is more appealing. San Diego has plenty of lowly dive bars ideal for a brew or two (or six). These 10 dive bars in San Diego are our favorites!

Experiencing Luxury With Koh Samui Villas

sunsetIf you are going to be booking a trip to Koh Samui Island, you are really going to be in for an incredible adventure. This is a stunning tropical destination that is found in the gulf area of Thailand, offering up a wide range of amazing villas that are up for rental or for purchase. Depending on the type of accommodations you are looking for, you are bound to find that a villa will be a perfect choice. Not only are you going to be nestled amidst some of the most breathtaking landscaping Thailand has to offer, but you will also see that the villas on Samui are truly luxurious all on their own.

Skiathos Nightlife

Some vacationers wish to travel to Greece for the sole purpose of soaking in the ambiance and enjoying the quiet sights of this wonderful country. Then, there are those that enjoy taking part in the other end of the spectrum – they love the nightlife! For those that are interested in partying through the evening, the Skiathos nightlife will prove to be a great deal of fun. In fact, the Skiathos nightlife may prove to be home to the most enjoyable evening fun in all of Greece.

10 Las Vegas Hotels for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the time to start booking Las Vegas hotels for the most romantic day of the year is nigh! Treating your loved one to a getaway in Las Vegas is a thoughtful and romantic gesture that they are sure to remember for a long time… depending on how wild you get in Las Vegas, that is. Plenty of mood-setting shows are available for Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas, but first you have to book a romantic Las Vegas hotel.

Here are 10 Las Vegas hotels perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway in Vegas.

Virginia Beach vacation

Boat and bike, swim and surf, hike and hop, kayak and kite, parasail and ponder, or watch a dolphin or a whale – this is the just the start of your memorable Virginia beach vacation. This is one of the beaches, which is always present in the list compiled by the Forbes. A Virginia beach vacation has something to offer to the people of all ages right from a relaxing escape to the adventurous activities – all on the beach itself. For those who wish a tranquil hangout, several oceanfront hotels provide in-room Jacuzzi, balconies, and private dining.

All Inclusive vacations to Curacao, Caribbean

Breezes ResortsLocated north of the Venezuelan coast and embraced by the Caribbean Sea, lies the island of Curacao, renowned both due to the convenient vacation deals to luxury tourist centers and awesome natural environment.