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Nightlife in Luxembourg City

We should be the first to admit that -some years ago- Luxembourg was somewhat behind other cities in terms of nightlife… BUT, how quickly times do change!

Vienna from A to Z (complete guide)

Being recognized as one of Europe’s greatest capitals, Vienna was known to be the home of Habsburg rulers – or more like, their stomping grounds. However, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is long gone, the only evidence remaining the carefully preserved traditions of the Viennese people. From world-known landmarks to galleries that pick at your artistic bone, […]

A visitor’s guide to Florence, Italy – One day in Florence

Are you really crazy about the art from the 13th to the 17th century? Must you see Gothic altar pieces, world famous Renaissance pictures, Flemish, French and German masters of the Baroque? If so, you *must* go to the Uffizi, of course. But certainly you don’t want to wait half a day to get in, […]

Best Things To Do With Your Partner in Barcelona

Being a Europe’s top destination, Barcelona is definitely the perfect place to visit if you’re in the mood for love. With its amazing views and rambling streets, this city is a perfect setting for a romantic break with your partner. However, finding the best attractions to visit can be a difficult test for you two. […]

Skiathos Nightlife

Some vacationers wish to travel to Greece for the sole purpose of soaking in the ambiance and enjoying the quiet sights of this wonderful country. Then, there are those that enjoy taking part in the other end of the spectrum – they love the nightlife! For those that are interested in partying through the evening, […]

Five Major Tourist Destinations in Belgium

To the attraction of national and international travelers, there are various tourist destinations in Belgium. Five of the major tourist destinations in Belgium are briefly described here.